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State agents allow army officer\'s relatives to rob off the house of a human rights defende

PEAL UPDATE</b>: The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) informed you on 4 March 2011 regarding death threat to the family of F. M. A. Razzak, a human rights defender by the relatives of an officer the Bangladesh Army. Now, the AHRC has received updated information that on 14 March early in the morning, a group of armed men led by Mr. Kazal Sarder, younger brother Major Mustafizur Rahman Bokul, broke the house of Mr. Razzak and robbed off all the valuables including laptop, camera, ornaments of Razzak\'s wife and refrigerator while the whole family has been forced to go hiding due to inaction by the police and other governmental authorities of the country despite repeated requests from Razzak\'s family and human rights groups Read more...

urnalists have been deprived of minimum wage for 15 years due to court dela

PEAL</B>: The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that working journalists and newspapers employees of Pakistan have been denied an increase in minimum wages since 1996. Due to the ongoing litigation in the higher courts the owners of the media houses are enjoying the benefits of the delay in justice. The 7th wage board award, binding on the owners of media houses by the law, was announced in the year 2000 but since then the implementation has been delayed through the interventions and stays from the court Read more...
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PAKISTAN: Journalists have been deprived of minimum wage for 15 years due to court delays 2011-03-11
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