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Republic of the Philippines

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Country page on human rights issues in the Philippines.
Stop the Killings - Petition Letter
In spite of massive protest locally and internationally, the government of the Philippines has not taken any significant steps to stop the extrajudicial killings. Either the government is unwilling or it is not capable of stopping such killings. It is time to resist this massive violation of people's right to life, which now takes place with the government's direct or tacit consent. We urge everyone to take part in active protests to stop these killings and to return to the democratic way of life, as envisaged in the constitution of the Republic of the Philippines. Currently, the country's constitution, as well as the international obligations that the state of the Philippines has agreed to, remain flouted by such killings.
Philippine Legislation
collection of human rights related laws
Pinoy Human Rights
Stop the killings in the Philippines, an online petition

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